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7 Awesome things to know before Singapore Night Safari Visit

The Singapore Night Safari is one of the memorable experiences you can ever indulge in your lifetime. With 1.1+ million visitors annually visiting the Singapore Night Safari, the place continues to woo the audience irrespective of whether they are first-time or experienced visitors. We bring you some surprising facts about the Night Safari in Singapore that will enable a wonderful nocturnal experience with your entire family.

Night Safari Timings

You can book a slot among the four slots available; 7:15 pm, 8:15 pm, 9:15 pm, and 10:15 pm. The Night Safari closes at midnight 12 am. The last slot you can book is 11:15 pm. We recommend spending at least 1-3 hours to get the best experience. The last slot will only give you access to 45 minutes in the park.

Admission Tickets

You can purchase Night Safari Singapore tickets for S$ 47 per adult, S$ 21 per kid, and S$ 20 per senior citizen. You can buy a multi-park admission ticket starting from S$ 58 per adult and S$ 38 per kid. The onsite ticketing counter is open for booking tickets from 5:30 p.m. till 11 pm. Tickets can be purchased online as well with savings of up to 25%. Booking the tickets online doesn’t give you priority access as you still have to queue up for the trams. The staff in the park is well trained and organized in directing and guiding people for any assistance if required.

One of its kind

The idea from Ong Swee Law, the former chairman of the zoo gave the concept of the Night Zoo. His dream was finally incepted in 1994 making it the first nocturnal zoo in the world then. It took an incredible seven years since the planning stage with three years for bringing this concept to life. The overall cost for constructing the Singapore Night Safari was approximately S$ 63 million. Being one of the most popular attractions in the city, the Night Safari has won the best attraction award by Singapore Tourism Board on 12 occasions since its inception in 1994.

One of the Unique Nocturnal Experiences

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The first safari park for nocturnal animals in the world houses 2,500+ animals from 130 different species spread over 35 hectares of forest land. One of the most amazing facts about this national park is that over 38% of its housed species are endangered ones. Hence, captive breeding is one of the fundamental concepts introduced in the park and also promoting biodiversity. We would recommend you to spend an evening in the wild. There are dinner and overnight tours arranged for a special indulgence. Check out the feeding times of the animals to enjoy watching them savour their meals. Private tours are available with a personal guide that gives you access to a 5-course dinner on a moving tram.

Lighting in the Jungle environment

The light in the park has been designed to stimulate a jungle environment. A British Consultant, Simon Corder was instrumental in creating this jungle model while illuminating 300+ stage productions including the public spaces and special zones like the Phantom of the Opera on the West End. One of the first exhibits created is the Fishing Cat trail that is still in operation. It is used as a testing ground for plants, moats, and the lighting.


Ideally, we would not recommend you to bring a camera along. Traveling light is the key to enjoy this unique nocturnal experience. The ambiance and lighting are dark to resemble the jungle environment. A smartphone with a good megapixel camera should suffix your need to capture some click moments. Flash photography is prohibited, so don’t use a flash on your camera while capturing any moment.

Creatures of the Night Show

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One of the highlights of the Night Safari Singapore is the Creatures of the Night. This show lasts for only 20 minutes and displays the nocturnal habits of animals like binturong and the otter. Slots available for this favourite show are 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, and 9:30 pm. There is an additional show hosted at 10:30 pm every Friday, Saturday, and on any Public holidays. The shows are hosted amidst the rainforest in a big outdoor amphitheater if only weather permits. The show is interactive, entertaining, and humorous. Try watching the first show as the other show gets a bit crowded at times. There is also the Thumbuakar performance; a fire show hosted at the entrance courtyard performed at 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm, 9:00 pm, and 10:00 pm.

Walking Trails

There are four walking trails available in the park apart from the sections covered by the trams. The Wallaby Trail is the latest addition to the same. Modeled on the Australian Outback landscape, this is one of the favourite trails for a less crowded experience. The other three paths are the East Coast Lodge Trail, the Fishing Cat Trail, and the Leopard Trail. All the trails are well lit so that visitors can navigate without any hassles. These trails help you avoid crowded enclosures while enjoying the ambiance at your convenience and leisure. Some of the natural highlights during your stroll are the freely roaming adorable marsupials. You can also get to see some scorpions and venomous centipedes at the Naracoorte Caves section of the park.

Breeding and feeding sessions

Since the inception of the Night Safari in Singapore, there have been several new-born animals from different species that have opened their eyes in the park. Some of the notable ones include the Asian Elephants, Clouded Leopards, Asian Lions, Malayan Tigers, and Fishing Cats. The Valentine’s Day in 2010 saw the birth of the first captive-born Sunda Pangolin post the first Sunda Pangolin exhibition started here in 2009. There are some senior animals also housed in the park that includes the 38-year old Malayan Tapir Manis, one of the oldest surviving Tapir in captivity. She has seen her two generations in her lifetime, with the latest addition born in June 2013.

The Singapore Night Safari is one of the unique tourist attractions in Singapore. No matter how much time you spend here, there is always something left out. It is once in a lifetime experience that you should not miss out any cost.

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