7 Incredible Experiences that’ll Redefine Your Visit to Singapore

Singapore is the land of exotic sights and experiences. Take the unbelievable, beautifully landscaped Gardens by the Bay for example.

Or the incredible views from the cable car to the top of the Faber Mountain. These are experiences that are unique to Singapore, experiences that will define your visit to Singapore time and again. We have 7 such uniquely Singapore experiences for you to enjoy while you’re in the city. Read on to know all 7 of them!

The Incredible Singapore Night Safari


The world’s first night safari, the Singapore Night Safari offers an unbeatable, unique appreciation of wildlife that you can get only here in Singapore. The ginormous night safari park houses more than 2,500 nocturnal animals. You can take the tram safari or the foot trails that take you into the individual habitats of the night creatures, divided into seven geographical wildlife regions. These regions range from the foothills of the Himalayas to the Serengeti. The dangerous creatures range free behind bars while the milder ones are free to say hi to the safari goers. You can also enjoy various programs such as fire dancing, tribal performances and even dinner meal onboard the tram as part of your night safari. In the morning, be sure to breakfast with the Orangutans – one of the top attractions in Singapore.

Uninterrupted Vistas From Many Points


Visit Singapore to enjoy the many high points from which you can obtain the most magnificent views of the city. For one thing, there are a number of rooftop bars that are uniquely Asian. Check out the views from the rooftop bar Super Tree by the Indochina group and from 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar Singapore’s highest rooftop bar. Be sure to ride up in the Singapore Flyer for far-reaching views all the way up to Malaysia and Indonesia. The Singapore Flyer takes 45 minutes to make a complete loop, and you’ll get plenty of time in your glass-enclosed cabin to take in the unparalleled 360 degree views of everything around you.

Another awesome spot to capture great views is the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands complex; the administration has even thoughtfully provided a telescope for your viewing as well. The 50-metre-tall manmade tree within the Gardens by the Bay offers spectacular views of the Gardens by the Bay on one side and the Singaporean cityscape on the other. Take in the superb Singaporean architecture and its pristine beauty from various high points while you’re in the city.

As Hip as They Come – Exploring Singapore’s Hipster Neighborhoods


Singapore’s unique culture has taken many forms over the years according to its budding travel trends. There’s a well-established hipster culture here that finds expression in every corner. Explore the vintage stores, the quaint cafés, and enjoy gourmet food amidst a lively atmosphere in Singapore’s hipster neighborhoods. Check out the Keong Saik region where you’ll locate chic cocktail bars and stylish eateries that scream hipster. Haji Lane is a favorite of the hip crowd with its vintage shophouses, quirky cafés and indie fashion boutiques. There are bars here too – just wait till it’s dusk and the whole street turns into a grog palace. Bars serve creative cocktails (check out Bar Stories) to the trendy, fashionable crowd. Enjoy gourmet burgers and crafty cocktails in the open-air breezy rooftop bar, the Potato Head. Taste the unbeatable tapas at the elegant Spanish restaurant, The Esquina. Tiong Bahru is a hipster hangout, with its Plain Vanilla Bakery, the laidback atmosphere Forty Hands bar and much more.

Dip Into The World’s Only Michelin-Starred Street Hawker Stalls


Singapore is famous for its hawker stalls, the best places for top-tasting food. Singapore is a major foodie destination, and hawker stalls offer several cuisines plus a wonderful fusion of cuisines that makes Singapore very unique in the food department. In fact, Singapore has the world’s only Michelin-starred hawker food stalls, the very famous The Great Singapore Food Tour. It’ll take you hours to get something on your plate with the long queues and the distance between the stalls, but it’s still well worth it. You can sign up with a professional guide who can guide you to the right stall and give you the background behind this very popular foodie destination.  Enjoy city sightseeing in Singapore via a Michelin-inspired perspective!

Experience the Immensity Of The MacRitchie Reservoir Treetop Walk


Here’s something uniquely Singapore – the MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk. Right in the middle of the bustling, noisy city is a free-standing suspension bridge that connects the reservoir park’s highest points. You have to follow a snaking trail through the MacRitchie Reservoir forest, managing steep stairs in the middle which makes the trail a dicey path to handle. The suspension bridge offers an awesome vantage point from which to admire the amazing views of the surrounding forest and its wildlife. The suspension bridge is built over the treetops so the vantage you’ll be enjoying is something else indeed. The 250-meter bridge is fairly safe to walk on, but if you need to, you can cool off with a drink at the Singapore Island Country Club close by.

Experience the Otherworldly Gardens by The Bay


The Gardens by the Bay is a futuristic mix of manmade SuperTrees and naturally growing forests and flowering plants. The end result is a fascinating contrast between the age-old beauty of nature and man’s ingenuity. The Gardens are built upon 250 acres of reclaimed land. It’s an incredible place that’s so beautiful especially when all lit up for the night that you’ll stop wondering which part was and which belongs to nature. It all comes together so wholesomely that you’ll just accept it as another of Singapore’s miracles.

Experience the Magic of The Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore

The Universal Studios in Singapore is a fantastic theme park located in Sentosa Island that’s to be seen to be believed. For the first time in Southeast Asia, the Universal Studios theme park features 24 incredible shows, rides and attractions organized in seven themed zones. The world’s tallest dueling roller coasters – Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON™ gather huge crowds every day. The huge indoor roller coasters the Revenge of the Mummy and TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle occupies a space that’s as big as several football fields. The world of movie magic takes you up close to the various techniques behind movie making. Plus, the Universal Studios aquarium with its 100,000 plus marine creatures that can be viewed through acrylic tunnels under the ocean are mindblowing.


As you can see, Singapore offers many different unique experiences to the traveler that adds such appeal to one’s travel. Be sure to enjoy some of these experiences when you’re in Singapore next. You’ll thank us for pointing them out to you!

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