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Best Singapore Water Theme Park to spend your Summer

In summer season when its hot outside even having a fresh bath feels like heaven. Now just imagine spending your whole day in a place like Singapore that too in one of the water parks. If you are willing to have time out this summer, Water Theme Parks could be your best option.

Adventure Cove Water Theme Park

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Visitors who are willing to arrive at the Adventure Cove Water Park can come via a short bridge from Harbour Front. The park provides so many family-friendly activities for visitors. The Park is divided into three categories which include Rides & Attractions, Program & Experiences, and Shop & Dine. There are 16 different rides in the park which will give you enough thrill and adventure for the day. The different experiences that you can have include scuba diving, paddy adventure. If you feel hungry The Bay Restaurant is the best place inside the park to serve you delicious Japanese food.

Wild Wild Wet

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“Wild Wild Wet” is a well-known water park in Singapore. It is a perfect destination for families to bask under the sun. The park opened for public in the year 2004. The park proudly holds the tag to be the first water park in the city. This park certainly has different rides for all age groups. “Water Works” slide is among most popular water slide in the park having sharp turns. “Tsunami”, “Vortex”, “Torpedo” and “Free Fall” are other different slides in the park where visitors can have the fun time. Kids might fall in love in “Professor Playground”, “Yippee!” where they can swim in small pool and slide without fear.

River Safari Singapore

River Safari Singapore Image

River Safari Singapore is a Zoo and Aquarium built on the theme of a river. It is built over an area of 12-hectares. It is built between Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safari. It is the first of its kind in Asia. It would be an amazing activity which you would not like to miss upon on your tour. Keep time on your side because boats are limited and on some occasions, you might have to wait for your turn. The main highlight is viewing the freshwater animals riding on a boat. The park displays animals related to 10 different ecosystems around the globe.

Palawan Pirate Ship Singapore

Palawan Pirate Ship Singapore Image

Palawan Pirate Ship Sentosa was previously known as Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa was since Dec 27th, 2016. However, it was reopened on public demand. Here comes more good news it’s absolutely free for families.  The main highlights of the park are ship, slides, a giant water bucket, water cannons and all these for no extra charges. The ship is a water playing area for your little ones of age group 3-10 absolutely safe. The water park has a specific place for a birthday celebration in the park. There are some restrictions which are only for the safety of the visitors.

Splash Kids Amaze

Kids Splash Singapore Image

Splash Kidz Amaze is a water park especially for kids at SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre. It is built over an area of 24000 sq feet. It is an indoor playground built. Though it might seem to you small as compared to another water park it has enough opportunity to have fun. It is designed according to the theme of the “Enchanted Deep Sea”. The Splash Pad is a perfect playing area for the toddler with just enough of water for your little one to have time out and a perfect entertaining day. Spinning top where one kid can sit on it while the other helps to push and rotate it while jets of water spray outwards.

WaveHouse Sentosa

Sentosa Wave House Singapore Image

Wave House Sentosa is another place well made for kids. Can you imagine a 5-year-old would be able to ride the waves?  Yes, it is true and this could happen in Wave House Sentosa. It is all your call that you would like to stand or sit on the wave rider. The staff is very helpful taking care of all safety precautions. The best part of the day out remains that you chill under the Sun, music, and kids playing around you. When Sun starts to set the wave gets even adventurous. The wave house keeps on doing promotional events on which you may get some discount so don’t miss the opportunity and keep an eye on its website.

Jurong East Swimming Complex

Jurong East Swimming Complex Image

Jurong East Swimming Complex in Singapore is probably the most complex water park in Singapore. They have tried to full fill everything that a water park might in a small area. There are different sides and slides for all age group from elder to your little ones too. A playing area for your little ones, a wave pool, a lazy river, big slides, a competitive pool and a Jacuzzi. Wave Pool is a large where everyone can enjoy every now and then spray of water is done over the wave pool. The older kids can try slides and lazy river. To make it perfect day outing restaurants are available.

Summer is a season when laziness creeps into your body. No matter who you are and what you do when it comes to holidays everyone likes that and it should be a memorable one. The best way to encounter heat is with water. Make a plan to visit Singapore water theme park that will for surely refreshes you.




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