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Bintan Island: Everything You Need to Know

Dreaming of a holiday with white sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes and luxurious resorts? Bintan Island would be the perfect place for you, especially if you are in Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia. Part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, This Island is quite popular as a quick getaway destination for Singaporeans. However, this does not mean that tourists cannot visit the place. On the other hand, if you want to have a break from the Singaporean city life and wish to spend time amidst nature and history, there is no better place than Bintan Island. Moreover, the island is quite inexpensive when compared to pricey Singapore. If you want to plan a short (or long) holiday on this island of Indonesia, here is what you need to know about this amazing place.

Why Choose Bintan Island?

This Island is the ideal place to have a relaxing holiday, far away from the hustle-bustle of Singapore. Endowed with gorgeous white sand beaches and bedecked with marvelous beach resorts, Bintan Island is a paradise for nature lovers. It is extremely easy to find secluded beaches where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Moreover, the northern part of the island has the best beach resorts where you can revel amidst the beauty of nature while enjoying all the luxuries of the modern world. Apart from all these, Bintan Island is rich in history and culture, making a tour to the island really interesting and exciting.

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How to Reach?

The best and the easiest way to reach Bintan Island is taking a ferry from Singapore. The ferry ride takes around 75 minutes and is quite affordable too. This is the reason why Bintan Island is considered to be perfect by Singaporeans. Even tourists to Singapore opt for holiday packages that offer a short trip to the Indonesian Island. Usually, most ferries take tourists to Bintan Island’s Tanjung Pinang from where you would have to take a cab or hire a private vehicle to reach your hotel or resort. On the other hand, several resorts offer a direct ticket to the resort if you book a package with them. On the other hand, it is also possible to take a flight from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as well as Jakarta and other smaller cities of Indonesia.

Places to See

The beach resorts of Bintan Island are majestic and offer all kinds of luxury that you may not want to venture out of your hotel. However, the island has so many interesting places to see that it would be a real loss if you do not do a bit of sightseeing.

Banyan Tree Temple:

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The Banyan Tree Temple is a fascinating place as you would get to see a 200-years old Banyan Tree, the roots of which encompass the entire place. It is said that an old man wished to be buried in his house and the roots are his way of embracing his house protectively. Today, the house has become a place of worship with people visiting from faraway places, to pay their respects.

Pasar Olen Olen:

Another place to visit in Bintan Island is Pasar Olen Olen where you can buy souvenirs and at the same time taste local and international food at one of the four restaurants. The Visitor Centre here would give you a glimpse of the history of the island through pictures and videos. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the most delicious seafood, head to Sebung Village, a sleepy fishing village which also gives you the chance to see beautiful views of the mangrove river.

Tanjung Pinang:

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While most people visit Tanjung Pinang while arriving and leaving the island, the capital of Bintan Island deserves a little more of your time and interest. It is the perfect way to view and understand the life and culture of the local people. Roam around the streets of Tanjung Pinang to shop, eat and have a great time.

A few other places that should be part of your itinerary are Bintan Elephant Park, Masjid Raya Sultan Mosque, Penyengat Island, Santa Maria Cave, Raja Haji Fisabillah Monument, Sebung Village, Senggarang Chinese Village, Trikora Beach, Tanjung Uban, etc.

Things to Do

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Although there are plenty of places to see in Bintan Island to keep you occupied during your holiday, you should definitely not miss the thrilling things that you can do here. Here are some of the activities that you can indulge in during your holiday on this island:

  • The island is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. You get to practice your golfing skills while enjoying breathtaking views of the blue ocean and the lush green forests.
  • If you love adventure and nature, there is no dearth of activities here. Island trekking, mountain biking, driving ATVs or all-terrain vehicles, etc. are some of the activities that would interest you.
  • Bintan Island is a great place to try scuba diving. Endowed with a rich marine life, scuba diving in the island would definitely be an enriching experience.
  • The island also offers the opportunity to try varied types of water sports like kayaking, fishing, sailing, wake-boarding, jet-skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, etc.
  • Most hotels and resorts offer spa services where you can get a deeply relaxing body massage. However, if you find the prices of the hotel and resort spas overwhelming, you can check out the spas in Tanjung Pinang which are equally good but not that expensive.
  • The place has several nightclubs and bars, making the nightlife of the island really interesting. A highlight for singles and couples!

Important Tips

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While you know the important places to visit and things to do in Bintan Island, there are some things that you should keep in mind so that you have a successful and memorable holiday.

  • Bintan Island enjoys a tropical climate and hence the days are usually really hot. Hence, it is best to carry loose-fitting, cotton clothes, sunglasses, and hat.
  • Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun while spending time at the beach or sightseeing.
  • It is important to use good-quality insect repellent while staying in Bintan Island.
  • You may love your stilettos and high heels shoes but you may not find any occasion to wear it on the island. Hence, it is best to carry comfortable footwear like Converse, sandals, flip-flops, etc.
  • Carry basic medicines like those for flu, cold, cough and stomach ailments.

If you are traveling to Singapore for a holiday, do dedicate few days to Bintan Island. Alternatively, Bintan Island also deserves your time exclusively and hence it would not be a bad idea to dedicate the entire holiday to the place. While Singapore and the nearby places offer a lot of excitement and glamour, Bintan Island promises peace and quietude, the perfect recipe for a relaxing holiday.

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