Important Things to Remember while Travelling to Singapore

Singapore is known for its cleanliness and low crime rate. The crime ratio is minimal for that the authorities had to put up warning that states “Low Crime does not Mean No Crime”. This makes the people vigilant and stay alert in the city. The cleanliness laws are too strict and that can result into heavy penalties if not followed. So, you need to be aware of essential weird laws in Singapore and important things to remember when travelling to Singapore.

Things to remember when travelling to Singapore


Throw the Gums in Dustbin

Throw the Gums in Dustbin in Singapore
Throw the Gums in Dustbin in Singapore

In 2004, a law came into effect after an incident where the gum was stuck on a door sensor that disrupted train service. After this incident, gums were banned in Singapore allowing sale of medical gums like nicotine-gums and whitening gums. The legal limit of carrying gums in Singapore is only two packets. You need to spit out the gum directly into the garbage. Hence, be alert while you are chewing gum in Singapore.

Homosexual Relations

Homosexual relations are a crime in Singapore. This is regarded as unnatural sex or sex against nature. Anyone voiding this law can cost them up to two years in prison. This is one of the strict laws in Singapore.

Jaywalking in Singapore 

Jaywalking in Singapore
Jaywalking in Singapore

Jaywalking is the common term used in most of the countries that is referred for illegal crossing of pedestrians on roads. Jaywalking in Singapore means crossing the street in non-designated areas hence, make sure you know this rule before you land in Singapore for spending hassle free time. Check the pedestrian lanes before you cross the street in order to avoid any penalty fee. These Singapore laws for visitors as well as for locals were made in order to avoid any accidents considering safety of pedestrians.

Not flushing the Toilet

Not flushing the Toilet in singapore
Not flushing the Toilet in Singapore

As discussed, Singapore is regarded as one of the cleanest city in the world. When it comes for hygiene, the laws are too strict to break them. If you are using public toilet and not flushing it, you need to pay a heavy fine if you are caught. Urinating on elevators is strictly prohibited in this city as most of the elevators are equipped with Urine Detection Devices. This device detects the urine scent and sets off an alarm and closes the doors until police arrives. This is surely going to be a shameful scene of your life. Hence, do not break any rules and respect these weird laws in Singapore to enjoy your trip.


Drugs In Singapore
Drugs In Singapore

Again, when it comes for drugs, Singapore is too strict with its laws. The authority is authorized to take random drug test on visitors as well as on locals. Hence, ensure you are clear enough before entering Singapore as a smallest mistake can ruin your life. You can be put into jail as well as you would be asked to pay a heavy fine for breaking the law. Do not carry or consume any type of drug while entering and be well aware of Singapore rules of tourists to stay safe in the city.

Packets of Tissues for Seat Reservation

Packets of Tissues for Seat Reservation in Singapore
Packets of Tissues for Seat Reservation in Singapore

If ever you see packets of tissue lying on the tables, this means that the table has been reserved. This is one of the Singapore weird laws or habit that is followed by many. Most of the locals follow this in a hawker center that has huge crowd. You can also see umbrellas instead of tissues in some places, indicating the seats are occupied. Going up the Escalator

While going up on escalator you should always stand in queue on the left side. This rule is followed by most of the Singapore people in order to promote the act of courtesy. The right side is kept empty for people who are in hurry and do not want any interruptions. This act is not much seen in rest of the countries but it is widely accepted in Singapore. So, during your tour if you see people standing in queue on escalators, do not go blank. Observe their decency and respect their laws and follow it strictly.

Prohibition of Alcohol

Prohibition of Alcohol in Singapore
Prohibition of Alcohol in Singapore

Buying or drinking alcohol in public between 10:30 pm and 7 am is strictly prohibited in this city. You can enjoy your vacation by heading towards a licensed bar and buying one within the time limit. There are many rooftop bars in Singapore that are legal to sell alcohol. Drinking in public areas is strictly banned in Singapore. Make sure you know all the rules before you start enjoying your drinks. If you are found breaking any of these rules, then get ready for going to jail as well as paying a heavy amount.

Smoking is allowed in Specific Areas

Smoking allowed in particular area in singapore
Smoking allowed in particular area in Singapore

Smoking in Singapore is not an illegal practice. There are some strict regulations that you need to follow and respect. You cannot smoke indoors, under sheltered walkways, and at public bus stops. There are some designated smoking points in most of the places where you can enjoy your smoke. If you are new to the place, you might need to do some hunting for finding the right smoking point. If you are caught smoking on non- smoking zone areas, you would be fined with a heavy amount if you are convicted in court. Hence, make sure you know all the Singapore rules before you lit your cigarette in the city.

Taxi Service

Taxi service In singapore
Taxi service In Singapore

Most of the taxi services in Asia are known for inflating fares for tourist. This is not at all possible in Singapore as the taxis are well regulated and the distances are calculated trough the meter. You may find cheaper services like Uber and Grab that has best services in the city. So, you can take a tour to the city in a taxi without getting overly priced on their services.

Best Train Network

Best Train Network In Singapore
Best Train Network In Singapore

As Singapore is small in size, travelling from one place to another is not a big issue in this city. Most of the major landmarks are well connected through the best train network. So, travelling is not the main issue in Singapore.

Follow these Singapore crazy laws if you wish for a pleasant and a contented stay. Study these laws before you land in this city in order to avoid any severe penalties.



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