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Explore the fantastic River Safari Singapore

Asia’s first river-themed wildlife park gives its guests a feeling of majesty and smokes up the thrill quotient by quite some margin. It is an experience to remember in a lifetime as the iconic rivers in the region meet up to provide the perfect habitat for the wildlife. The River Safari in Singapore is one of the most popular visited tourist destination from people all around the globe.

Spread over 12 hectares of land, the area is packed with freshwater habitat just like some of the iconic ones like the Amazon, Nile, Mae Klong, and much more. Explore the environment either by foot or hop on to a magical cruise that moves along the gentle waters of the park. You can spot endless varieties of aquatic animals like the endangered giant Mekong catfish, giant Kai Kai, and the Jia Jia during your Singapore River Safari Visit. Create your own jungle experience through the journey and take back home a bag full of cherished memories.

River Safari Singapore Image

1.Why should you visit the River Safari in Singapore?

The River Safari Singapore tour gives you instant access to 6000+ animals from 200 species. Around 40 of them are endangered, making the experience of viewing them even more special. Housing more than 400 plant species, the exhibits and the freshwater aquariums provide a relaxing experience during their journey. Also, there are global conservation activities about several species of flora and fauna. With extensive breeding programmes, several enrichment initiatives, workshops, and interdisciplinary trails, the park management provides the ideal natural habitat to these resident animals. What makes the experience even more thrilling is the hands-on experience for every visitor that genuinely rejuvenates and refreshes their senses.

2.River Safari Timings

There are fourteen timeslots scheduled daily starting from morning 10 am to 4:30 pm in the evening. Visitors can book only one timeslot on the day of the visit only.

3.River Safari Singapore Ticket

The Singapore River Safari provides the best experience of a natural landscape coupled with exotic wildlife species. The River Safari Singapore ticket is priced at S$ 32 per adult, S$ 21 per kid, and S$ 15 per senior citizen (above 60 years of age) for witnessing these historic creatures. The Amazon River Quest would be an additional S$ 5 per adult and S$ 3 per children.

4.Things to cover

The Singapore River Safari offers several experiences for the tourists and visitors. Some of the prominent ones are as follows:

1.River Zones

Six iconic river zones (Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong, and the Yangtze) are created to provide a captivating natural landscape for wildlife to blossom to its fullest.

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  • The Mississippi Zone exhibits the copy of its North American cousin that includes the gigantic alligator, snapping turtles, and other reptiles.
  • The Congo zone features colorful fishes like the giant freshwater puffer, Congo Tetra, and much more.
  • The Nile Zone gives competition to its African counterpart and features several species like the African Arowana, Tigerfish, and the Giraffe catfish.
  • The Ganges Zone has a typical Indian feature and houses animals like the frog-faced softshell turtle, goonch catfish, and the Indian gharial.
  • The Mekong zone houses a wide variety of sea creatures like the freshwater stingray and the gigantic catfish.
  • The Yangtze Zone is home to the Chinese alligator, giant salamander, and the ancient sturgeon.2.Singapore Zoo River Safari Cruise

Singapore River Safari Cruise Image

An excellent way to end your exploration day. The relaxing River Safari Cruise relaxes your senses as you browse through the quiet waters of the park. There are plenty of click moments as the mesmerizing scenic views will instantly catch your attention along the Seletar reservoir. The cruise can be experienced by all members of your family irrespective of their age. Hence, providing a complete family experience.

3.Giant Panda Forest

Panda Singapore River Safari Image

One of the highlights of the Singapore River Safari, the Giant Panda Forest offers a uniquely exciting experience like never before. The cute giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia are sheltered in a climate controlled bio-dome that helps in stimulating their natural habitat. This zone also features the endangered Red Panda that makes the visit a special one indeed.

4.Amazon Flooded Forest

The largest freshwater gallery in the world offers an impressive range of aquatic animals sheltered in an underwater ecosystem that replicates the environment of the Amazon. Experience an up-close encounter with these fascinating aquatic species like the giant river otters, motoro stingray, red-bellied piranhas, electric eel, black-finned pacu, arapaimas, and the manatees.

5.Amazon River Quest

Amazon River Quest Singapore Safari Image

The Amazon River Quest is an adventurous boat ride along the Amazon River. Spot various camouflaged and exclusive wildlife species along your journey. The lush vegetation and green environment offers the perfect setting to hide out for their prey. Some of the easily found ones include the Jaguar, the giant anteater, and the Brazilian tapir. 

6.Squirrel Monkey Forest

Squirrel Monkey Singapore River Safari Image

The tiny adorable squirrel monkeys that natively belong to the South & Central American region will steal your heart. This particular species of animals is quite curious and wanders to every corner of the zone. Hence you need not make much of an effort to spot them in the natural camouflaged environment.

7.Useful Tips & Tricks

  • Keep a day to explore the best of the Singapore River Safari. It will take half a day just to browse through every corner of the park.
  • The winters or the early summer is the ideal time to visit the River Safari in Singapore. As you need to stroll around by foot, it is recommended to avoid peak afternoon hours when the sun is shining to its best. Carry a pair of shades, a sunscreen lotion, and an insect repellent to prevent the extreme humidity and heat within the forest.
  • The weekdays offer a less crowded environment as compared to the weekends when the visitor traffic is at its peak. You can explore the entire park at your own pace during the weekdays.
  • Do keep sufficient drinking water in your reserve as the humidity within the forest can take a toll on you. There are water dispensers within the reserve provided at strategic points for the guests.

The River Safari in Singapore is an excellent opportunity for both first-time and experienced visitors to explore the wildlife set in the lap of Mother Nature. Come and take back memories of a lifetime as you congregate along the park’s waters.

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