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Gardens by the Bay: Things to Know before Venturing out on a Trip

Singapore is truly a beautiful city, rich in culture and technologically advanced. Since the early 2000’s, Singapore started to become popular and has been attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. Today, Singapore has many wonderful and unique offerings for people. One of the most unique and popular attractions of Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. In a bid to increase Singapore’s green quotient and tourism, Gardens by the Bay tour offers amazing sights and activities which are truly magical. However, before your first visit to Gardens by the Bay, you probably should know a few things.

1. Some Information on Gardens by the Bay 

Gardens by the Bay Singapore is divided into 3 ecosystems – Bay East, Bay South, and Bay Central.

a. The Supertree Grove – This is the main attraction in Bay South. These are vertical gardens consisting of around 300 species of plants. The height of the Supertrees ranges between 25 to 50 meters, which look attractive during the day, but at night they look extra beautiful as they are lit up. These trees act as solar panels and generate electricity. Similarly, there are 2 main conservatories at Bay South – The Cloud Forest and The Flower Dome.


b. The Cloud Forest – As soon as you enter the Cloud Forest, you will notice the sudden change in the temperature. You’ll witness a 35 metre waterfall and the Cloud Mountain which is the main attraction of this place. The temperature in The Cloud Forest is similar to the temperatures in South-East Asia, and South America. As you come down along the waterfall, you’ll see different flora found at different sea levels.

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c. The Flower Dome – Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is a massive area consisting of around 1.2 hectares and is the world’s largest cylindrically shaped glasshouse. The climatic conditions inside the Flower Dome are similar to the conditions found in South America, South Africa and Australia. One of the main attractions of this place consists of 7 gardens containing different types of flora. The surroundings of the Flower Dome are like a small jungle which feels like a pleasant campsite. You’ll also get to see rare species of different colors of plants.

2. Additional Sights and Attractions

a. OCBC Skyway – It is a 128 meters bridge hanging at 22 metres above the ground, giving an impression as if you’re floating in the air. The bridge will give you a thrill and also a beautiful sight in the evening of the light and sound show around the Supertree.

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b. Far East Organization Children’s Garden – It is perfect for families who have kids with them. This place is divided in to different zones that provide fun along with educational programs.
i. Toddler Play Zone – This is for toddlers aged between 1-5. Spring stepping, fish fountain, water tunnels interacting with sculptures are all the fun things they can do.
ii. Water Play – An idea based on water sensors, water play is a fun activity where kids will need to step on one of the sensors and then the water dances along with their movements.
iii. Rainforest Tree Houses – The surrounding of this place is like a mini-jungle surrounded by dense canopy of trees. It also consists of 2 tree houses giving the kids an experience of jungle life.
iv. Amphitheatre – It’s the perfect place for kids and adults to educate themselves about the different trees and plants found at Gardens by the Bay.

3. How to get to Gardens by the Bay 

Getting to Gardens by the Bay is relatively hassle-free because it is well connected from Singapore. You can either take a train or a bus or even take a walk to reach here. There are different routes for train and bus, and you can easily reach Gardens by the Bay with no worries. Helix Bridge and the Marina Bay Sands are the places you can walk from to Gardens by the Bay.

4. Few Tips

a. Plan carefully – Gardens by the Bay becomes crowded during the weekends. Hence, it would be best to visit here during the weekdays.
b. Get your tickets in advance – You may have to wait in long queues because this place attracts a large number of crowds. Gardens by the Bay tickets can get expensive if you decide to visit this place at the last moment. Therefore, book your tickets in advance in order to avoid long queues and to get better discounts (if booked in advance).
c. There’s a lot to see – There are many attractions here and hence, one full day visit may not be enough. But, if you are still limited for time then visiting the 2 conservatories (The Cloud Forest and The Flower Dome) and OCBC Skyway would be your best options.

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d. Try Souvenir Shopping – You must try to buy a few souvenirs from various shops available inside. Also, treat yourself to some unique ice creams and teas.
e. Timing – You can kick-start your trip here at the earliest. Gardens by the Bay timings are flexible and convenient, but you need to decide from where you would want to start your journey. For example, the conservatories run from 9 am to 9 pm, which is also the same for the OCBC Skyway. During the week the Far East Organization Children’s Garden is open from 10 am till 7 pm during the weekdays. While during the weekends, it starts 9 am and lasts till 9 pm.

5. Few basic rules and regulations

a. Respect all the species of plants and avoid stamping, plucking or climbing.
b. Throw any unwanted items and garbage in the garbage bins.
c. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
d. Pet dogs are allowed but only in few areas of the garden. Make sure they are on their leash and remember to clean up after them.
e. Activities like swimming, kite flying and fishing are prohibited.
f. For commercial shoot, you will need to ask the authorities 2 weeks before you are granted.
g. Bicycles or tricycles are allowed only in certain areas. However, there are stands where you can park them.

Now that you know about the place, get yourself Gardens by the Bay tickets and enjoy one of the most stunning places in the world. Gardens by Bay Singapore will make you fall in love with nature once again.

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