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The Best Local Dishes to Eat in Singapore

Singapore may not be a big country compared to the rest of the world, but it has its own uniqueness which cannot be found elsewhere. Known as the melting pot of culture, a trip to Singapore wouldn’t be truly complete if one didn’t try out the local cuisine. A real foodie would never miss out on trying various different foods available here, and hence you shouldn’t too miss out the chance on trying out local Singaporean delicacies. Here’s a list of a few local delicacies you must try out in Singapore.

1. Sambal Stingray
Sambal Stingray
Known as Ikan Bakar (meaning barbequed fish), stingray was known to be a cheap staple food. Years later, this dish became popular with the help of the locals adding a mixture of spicy sambal sauce. Sambal is a combination of shrimp paste, chilli peppers with shallots and spices. The sambal is served on top of the barbecued fish atop of banana leaves which retains its flavour. A must-try out place to enjoy this delicacy is at BBQ Seafood at 456 Jurong West Street.

2. Red Snapper Head Curry
Red Snapper Head Curry
Don’t let the fish head make you uneasy. Once you try it out, you’ll definitely love it. Fish head carries the most flavour. Inspired from the Bengali region of India, the locals turned this dish in to something quite fancy and unique. The curry consists of eggplant and lady’s finger (Okra), which provides texture and flavour. The fish head served is deep fried making it crispier and aromatic. You can have a spicier version as well as sweeter one. This dish served at various Indian and Chinese street food stalls, and is a considered to be Singaporean.

3. Dim Sum
Dim Sum Singapore
Dim Sum is a popular dish in Singapore inspired by China. It is a typical Chinese dining must-try experience, making it a delightful meal experience. BBQ Pork Buns, Siew Mai, Chee Cheong Fub are among the few popular one’s. Must-try out places to savour this delicacy are Swee Choon Tim Sum and Tim Ho Wan at 450 Toa Payoh Lorong 6.

4. Kaya Toast with Soft Boiled eggs
Kaya Toast with Soft Boiled eggs
This is something Singaporeans eat daily during your breakfast. It is a traditional dish where the bread and the eggs are the main stars. The eggs are first poached on a pot, which is then later seasoned with pepper and light/dark soy sauce (depending on your taste bud). While the bread is white, usually toasted and then coated with thick layer kaya jam, butter and coconut. Try to dip the toast in the egg mixture for some awesome taste.

5. Laksa Curry
Laksa Curry
This is a dish which cannot be missed during your time in Singapore. Laksa curry is derived from the combination of Malay and Chinese. Laksa curry consists of creamy sauce, made out of coconuts along with fried bean curd and vermicelli noodles – making it a healthy meal. 328 Katong Laksa at 53 East Coast Road serves one of the best Laksa. While some street stalls make this dish similar to a soup where noodles are cut in to small pieces. Try this!

6. Oh-Luak and Chai Tao Kway
Oh-Luak and Chai Tao Kway
Different dishes but one common ingredient – eggs! Oh-luak is originally a Taiwanese delicacy consisting of fried eggs, potato starch and delicious shellfish, turned in to an omelette. But the Singaporean version adds chilli vinegar for seasoning. On the other hand, Chai Tao Kway looks like a carrot cake but it’s not. It consists of fried eggs made in the shape of radish cake along with local seasoning. These 2 different delicacies should be eaten for breakfast. Ah Hock Fried Oyster Hougang and Whampoa Makan Place are the best to try out these 2 delicacies.

7. Tua Hua

Once you’ve tried out all the amazing delicacies, how about finishing off on a high note with a desert? Tua Hua is originally a Chinese delicacy where Singaporeans use syrup to make it sweet. Depending on your choice, you can have this dish either hot or cold. The locals infuse this dish with pandan leaves and then top it with ginkgo seeds making it extra-delicious. QQ Soyabean at 51 old airport road is a must-try out stall to enjoy Tua Hua.

One of the reasons why Singapore is so unique is its food. Believe it or not, but food from different regions, religions and culture have amalgamated into becoming truly Singaporean. And hence, Singapore is known to be the melting pot of cultures for this particular reason. If you’re a food expert or just love eating different delicacies then the above-mentioned dishes will surely bring a smile to your face, and satisfaction to your heart.

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