Savor delightful cuisines at the annual Singapore Food Festival

The Singapore Food Festival was initiated in 1994, and the continued success and enthusiasm has made it a yearly festival. The 25th edition of the festival is coming back to culinary food junkies to satisfy their thirst for great food. The best delicacies of Singapore cuisine are showcased by local chefs along with several pop-up food events and workshops. Singaporeans are very passionate about their cuisine, which is evident from the fact that an annual local festival named Singapore Food Festival is hosted.

The local celebrity chefs use this opportunity to recreate fresh flavors of the Singapore cuisine, providing a new fusion sensation to your taste buds. There are also live demonstration classes to how to perfect these local delicacies – a real treat for all the culinary food junkies.

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The Singapore food festival has continued to woo the audience who has come here in search of some delightful dishes and cuisines. Close to 0.4 million people visited this extravaganza last year is a proof to that. The Singapore food festival covers not only traditional food delicacies, but displays a broader range of dishes from the Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Peranakan cuisines in its portfolio. Customary tasting sessions run in sync with several food events. Several foodies flock up for these tasting sessions.  An excellent chance for visitors and tourists to enhance their culinary skills. A unique opportunity to grab some great discounts and offers on your favorite dish. A real playground for chefs from all around the world to display their raw talent and creativity in the culinary workshops organized in this grand food festival.

Singapore Food Festival 2018 dates

The Singapore Food Festival comes back this year with new delicacies and flavors. The festival dates are from 13th July 2018 till 29th July 2018 this year. The festival is spread almost all over Singapore.

Some of the highlights of the Singapore Food Festival:-


Singapore Food Festival Street Food Stall Image

One of the great ways to kickstart the celebrations of the street food festival in Singapore. STREAT is one of the signature events of this grand extravaganza, continues to be one of the leading food events Singapore 2018. Celebrity chefs like Haikal Johar; owning a Michelin-starred restaurant Alma, Emmanuel Stroobat; also holding Michelin starred restaurant Saint Pierre, along with sample delicacies from local chefs like Morsels, Old Bibik, Lolla, and much more. Starting from 13th July, the festivities will run till the late night of 14th July 2018. A diverse range of Singapore’s favorite cuisines along with a modern twist. There is no entry fee for STREAT, visitors need to pay only for the food they purchase.

Park Bench Deli Collaborations

Park Bench Daily Collaboration Image

Modern flavors and dishes inspired by local and international cuisines are created by Park Bench Deli in collaboration with Rumah Makan Minang and Roast Paradise. One of the signature dishes includes the rending beef burgers. Starting from 15th July till 29th July 2018, visitors and tourists can also savor locally-inspired tipples from the favorite bar Native.

McDonald’s Love Local Campaign

A huge hit among the world audience, McDonald’s spreads its love through other delightful local flavors in this food festival. Post the success of Nasi Lemak Burger is last year’s food festival, the visitors and tourists have certainly expecting fresh, inspired Singaporean flavors to be incorporated in their dishes. One of the food events in Singapore 2018 that you should not miss out during your visit this year.

Singapore Food Festivals at Accor Hotels

Singapore Food Festivals At Accor Hotels Image

Talented and creative chefs like Bannie Kang, Louis Tay, and Tryson Quek bring you a modern twist to favorite local flavors at the Accor Hotels. Featuring both sweet and savoring creations, this is one of the Singapore food festival 2018 expo events that you should never skip. Some of the signature dishes include chili crab risotto and gras wanton. This event will last the entire duration of the Singapore Food Festival.

Exclusive Collectible Beverages

As celebrity signage to mark its 25th anniversary, the Singapore Food Festival has collaborated with four talented local artists to showcase the culinary tapestry in Singapore through a series of illustrations. The visuals that would feature on the list include limited edition beer bottles that are produced in collaboration with Trouble Brewing. These souvenirs are displayed at several food events like the STREAT, Beer Yoga & City lights, etc.

50 Cents Fest and One Farrer’s Food Street

Farrer's Food Street Singapore Food Festival Image

This nostalgic food event held at Chinatown Food Street will take you back time into the rich culinary history of Singapore with some timeless local flavors. Severa; celebrity and international chefs come and display their exceptional skills to the audience. Head to Tippling Club and Open Stoves by Timbre+ for some delightful food options. Cooking lessons are available where you can get some profound cooking tips and tricks for preparing these delicious flavors and cuisines. Some of the signature dishes that would be featured include Fish Moilee, Kopi Gu You, and Kerabu Bee Hoon. There are also several traditional opera and other performances that feature along with these culinary treats.

Sentosa Grill Fest

Egg Chicken Waffle Sentosa Grill Fest Image

Enjoy this delicious food feast at the Sentosa Island where an entire stretch of the beach is transformed into a vibrant food street serving delightful dishes like Salted Egg Chicken Waffles and Jumbo Prawn Hokkien Noodles. This is not a dream, but real. Spread over three weeks, the Sentosa Grill fest will bring in some second-generation hawkers to serve these culinary delicacies.

The Singapore food festival is a great way to savor delightful flavors that literally tantalize your taste buds. A healthy appetite remains vital if you wish to explore all the aspects of this grand food festival. A great way to answer the gastronomical bells ringing somewhere downs your belly.

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