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Singapore In December – Things to do, Events, Weather

The Lion City of Asia, 7th most peaceful county in the world, 5th most visited city on the earth and drawing millions of tourists every year, Singapore is fast getting the limelight in the tourism world. It is green, gorgeous and gregarious.

Thanks to just the 85 miles distance from the equator, Singapore doesn’t have extreme weather type. The equatorial climate keeps no major difference between summer and winter months, with sudden showers at any time of the year. Unless you duck inside a mall or book a seat in movie halls, where the air conditioning has reached the maximum cooling and will force you to wear jackets.

1.What is the weather of Singapore in December?
Singapore lies in the tropical climate region which boasts hot and humid weather. June, July and August are the most summer months, while December is comfortably cold. The temperature ranges between 24°C to 29°C. The sky is haze-free and the air is cleaner. And attracts maximum visitors during this time of the year.

Unlike the other parts of Southeast Asia which experience little or no rain, Singapore is favoured with now-and-again thunderstorms. And this is the reason that the city-state is blessed with abundant greenery. By default, December is the wettest month of the year, with an average of 269mm rainfall. Rains could surprise you but are short-lived and the sun rises again to raise the humidity. So, a raincoat or an umbrella could go handy.

2.What are the things to do in December?
Singapore is the melting pot of culture. With people from different nationalities have settled or are working in here, and hence you can always stumble upon some great festivals or street parades.

To help you have an unforgettable holiday, here is the compilation of all good to great things to do in Singapore in December-

3.Singapore Zoo & Rainforest Lumina
The award-winning Singapore Zoo is a 40-year old, 26-hectare wildlife park with over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. In the 11 zones, the visitors find unique and wide-ranging experiences that are sure to enchant both the young and old. Get up close to the grey kangaroos, wallabies, orangutans, tortoises, giraffes, rabbits, lemurs and several other varieties of faunas and delight in their rich biodiversity. Besides that, go on the tram ride, splash fun in water playgrounds, learn about unusual characters of animals, feed them, and set up a camp.

A peculiar night attraction in Singapore Zoo is the Rainforest Lumina, which is dotted with virtual animals in an illuminated rainforest after the real animals have drifted to sleep. In the 1 km trail, the dramatic effect, visual scenes and the natural sounds in background make the tour realistic

4.Sentosa IslandSentosa-Island-SingaporeThe exotic island brimming with a comprehensive set of activities and attractions, sights and slides, the Sentosa is everything fancy and fantasy. Either you want to boost the adrenaline with themed rides or lounge on the golden sandy beaches, the island will fulfil your desires.  Nature is stunning across the beaches with lush rainforests and mountains giving you major adventure goals. For the real hunters, who want to challenge their guts, the AJ Hackett comprises of Skywalk, the Giant Swing and 47 meters high Bungy Jump. Indulge in planning cheap date ideas, staying at 5-star resorts, sightseeing around, and diving in the beaches for a better experience. Give this destination a day or two and you will fall in love with every nooks and corner.

5.Universal Studios Singaporeuniversal-studios-singaporeThe 7-themed park perched in the Resorts World Sentosa is home to 28 rides and attractions. From battling against the villains of movies to rapid sliding in a group, from being seated to hanging, from roller coasters to animated shows the rides are infused with effervescence and thrill. Come in December and you will find the place embellished with lights and Christmas trees. Bring kids with you to revel in Santa’s workshop or visit Santa’s Christmas Tree House. Binge on the delicious sweets, groove on the live performances and admire the dazzling fireworks.

6.Orchard Roadion-orchard-singaporeHere is the shopping paradise in Singapore. And since there are a lot of events and festivities going on during this month, the road is lit up with happy faces and light. Abundant of luxurious shopping malls have flanked the streets both sides which have deal-breaking prices on the most coveted brands. So, go on a spree and as your appetite demands food on the way, stop by the many restaurants and eateries nearby.

7.Museumsnational-museum-of-singaporeThere are plenty of galleries and museums to admire art during the passing showers. Well-received by the culture aficionados, the museums in Singapore are the best ways to break up a busy day of sightseeing. Few provide a fun introduction to the city-state’s history, some are a fusion of technology and culture, while others have displayed the finest contemporary artworks from around the region. To name a few, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum and ArtScience Museum.

8.Gardens By The Bay
An attraction that is perhaps tempting throughout the year, Gardens by the Bay is a futuristic nature park. And in December, there is several events going on making the trip worthier than ever. Spanning across 101 hectares and boasting the state-of-the-art engineering, this is a new definition of greenery and sustainable environment. The largest glass greenhouse in the world, distinctive Supertrees of 25 to 50 metre tall, 128-metre-long walkway, the 30-metre-tall indoor waterfall will grab your eyes.  At night, amid the gorgeous light and sound, shows are held.

9.Events in December
Singapore is all about the crescendo of celebrations, especially in December. The top of the list are-

The merriest and jovial holiday in Singapore, Christmas brings in the new life to the city-state. Several ideas crop up to get you into the holiday spirit. You can praise the beautiful lightning on the Orchard Road, do unlimited shopping with insane discounts in the top malls, listen to Christmas Carols at concerts, and hog on the Christmas-inspired delicacies. Upgrade the celebration with nerve-tickling activity such as ice skating on the Rink or enjoy the festivities at Christmas Wonderland.

2.New Year’s Eve
Heard of the iconic month-long celebration in the Marina Bay Countdown? Movies, shows, fitness, fireworks and fest- everything is taken care of. Well, Singapore is proud of how it creates a benchmark with its amazing and amusing ways to usher in the New Year. Sit on rooftop bars, dance the night away, join the street processings, cheer for the magical fireworks, pop open the champagne at exquisite restaurant and hail in those live concerts.

3.Zouk Out
Another one to bookmark is the Zouk Out, one of Asia’s largest dance music festivals. This international festival invites thousands of people from across the globe to recharge themselves surrounded by great energy. It is being held for two days over Sentosa Island for the past 18 years.

Overall, as you would have read and scrolled down, you would realise December is the special month of Singapore which features ideal weather, lively crowd, interesting events, blockbuster deals and a myriad of festivals. Go ahead and book tickets in advance.

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