Singapore Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

Is this your first trip to Singapore? Here is the one-stop guide.

Singapore is an attractive destination that triggers your wanderlust and pampers all kind of travellers. It is a diverse island country set in a tropical climate with the choices of great entertainment and attractions in a world of a multicultural population. It is surprising to see a tiny city-state capable of encapsulating everything from verdant parks and resorts to historic monuments.

Undoubtedly, Singapore is one of the best places to holiday, but to make your experience extraordinary, let’s uncover some vital information.


For all the first-timers and enthusiasts, we have compiled the ultimate Singapore Travel Guide-

What should I know?

Avoid the wettest months

Singapore remains hot and humid all year round, so, planning to visit the country when the weather is right can keep you waiting for a long time. But the average temperature is 26-27°C, and this does not come in the way of discovering the glory of the place. Only take care of the monsoon months from November to January when there are greater chances of raining everywhere. Else, February to October offers amazing time to shop, dance and eat.

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Use public transportation

One of the best features of exploring Singapore is its convenient transportation. Connecting the landmarks like Little Italy to Chinatown, or stopping at Marina Bay, the widespread MRT system is leading the way. Whizzing around places and events is a matter of minutes and all thanks to the very efficient and punctual public transport systems. Also, the metro stations are growing every two years. So, if you have the hang of riding in the bus and trains, and have got an EZ-Link card, launching from one place to another is no stress.

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Do not worry about tipping

Tipping is not a necessity in Singapore and is not recorded in its culture. Most restaurants will automatically add a 10% service charge to the bill that goes directly to the staff. So, you can skip this overwhelming idea. Well, if you are really happy with the service, tips are always appreciated.

Drink Tap Water

Do not worry about it- it is absolutely safe to drink the tap water here. Carry a refillable water bottle with you, this helps you take water everywhere without spending a penny and also use of plastics are reduced.

Do not chew gum Singapore

Do not chew gum

Chewing gums is illegal in the country. And if you are caught anywhere doing so, you will be forced to fine. So, all visitors who are in the habit of carrying those gum boxes and chewing them whenever they want need to get rid of it.

What should I eat and drink?

There are some places in the world that attract tourists majorly because of the variety of cuisine and the taste they bear. Singapore is one of them. It is packed with a range of eateries and eats- from packed hawker centres to Michelin-star dining, every mealtime is something special here.

Do not miss out on the cheap eats

Tourists who are having their first trip to Singapore might have heard that it is expensive- shopping, staying or sightseeing creates a fuss that the city is not for the people who haggle. But you are definitely missing on the crux. Singapore is a delight for foodies. With a vibrant array of dishes that are oozing with flavours are served to offer mouth-watering experience. In a blend of Chinese and Malay cuisines, there is hawker style food that is rich in exotic flavour and spices without breaking your bank. Get your hands in Laksa, Chilli Crab, Chicken Rice and Chai Tow Kway. Try Singapore Slings at Raffles.

Drink at Happy Hours

Alcohol prices can blow your mind. To keep a check on your budget and still have fun like a boss, stick to happy hours. From around 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in bars across the city, you can enjoy some great deals on drinks of all kinds. The cocktails that are labelled with a tag of $22 SGD slash down to a jaw-dropping price of $10 SGD.

Where should I stay?

Stay at popular neighbourhoods

Since Singapore is a tiny island, finding hotels is not a stress. You can safely stay at places you like and still catch up on your favourite entertainment in action at any time you want. Boiling down, here are the 5 finest places that will make your stay memorable are-

– Little India
– Chinatown
– Marina Bay
– Orchard
– Sentosa

If you are not on the budget, take advantage of the luxuries in some iconic hotels like the Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Grand Hyatt, The Fullerton Hotel, Novotel Clarke Quay and Pan Pacific. Otherwise, you can settle in the reasonable lodges at Chinatown, Little India, Lavender Street and Arab Street.

What should I pack and carry?

Since we already introduced you to the weather of Singapore, now you know that summer clothes are all that you need here. The lack of wind and humidity can be a shock for people coming from cooler countries. Fortunately, air conditioners are a thing here and are found in every nooks and cranny.
– In town, you can have loose and light clothing that helps you travel a little more.
– For business, jump into smart casuals, or for meetings grab a jacket and a tie.
– Pack clothes that cover your shoulders and legs for occasions like visiting shrines.
– Get a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to block the heat.
– Bring sandals, flip-flops, a light waterproof raincoat, and a portable umbrella.

Is shopping here a good choice?

Definitely! Singapore is a buyer’s paradise. To beat the heat, the locals just need a chance to duck inside the retail outlets and go shopping (or window shopping). From the local stress of Chinatown to the fancy malls in Orchard Road, there are abundant of goods and souvenirs that you can buy. You’ll find many designer boutiques, malls, fashion stores, electronic markets and furnishings lined on each side of the road.

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What attractions should I discover?

Singapore is exceptionally beautiful in the ways it has coincided the old structure with the modern skyscrapers. The City of Garden has a green and refreshing ecosystem. The top sights that you can’t afford to miss are-

– Start your day at Botanic Garden.
– Extend your hunt with the Singapore Zoo Night Safari.
– Spend your leisure time at Sentosa Island Resort.
– Dance the night away at Clarke Quay.
– Observe spectacular things at Gardens by the Bay.
– Unleash your inner child at Universal Studios Singapore.
– Make the most of the trip at Chinatown.
– Take a creative break at the Art Science Museum.
– See the panoramic views from Singapore Flyer.

Are there any Instagrammable places?

You will love the fact that Singapore is one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world. Everywhere you raise your head and pop out your eyes, you will be mesmerised by an interesting piece of architecture. Few include colourful Haji Lane, twisted Helix Bridge, exhibition Future World, a residential high-rise on Eu Tong Sen Street, and more.

We hope you are both inspired and enlightened by our first-timer’s Singapore travel guide.

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