How to plan a 5 days trip to Singapore from India

Singapore is renowned as an expensive country to visit. In a way, you would have to shell out a bit more funds to visit Singapore than its neighbouring countries, but that doesn’t mean that you miss on the experience wholly. Singapore is a popular stopover destination and many travellers simply spend a day or two here which is just not sufficient to get the whole Singapore experience. A 5-day trip is ideally the best way to explore Singapore, but then there is this dilemma that spending so many days in Singapore means spending a lot of money. You can enjoy 5 days in Singapore on a budget if you stick to basic sightseeings and let go of its luxury element.  If you are planning a trip to Singapore from India, you will have to keep an eye on flight ticket prices to get a good deal on costs. The best travel plans for Singapore may offer a combination of attractions, however, if you are on budget travel, but there are certain sights in Singapore that are absolutely not worth missing.  So it is better to pick and choose a selection of attractions in Singapore which are ‘must-see’ attractions of Singapore. Here’s a sample itinerary of what you can include on your 5 day trip to Singapore on a budget.

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