Singapore for Shopaholics – A short guide on things to buy in Singapore

A tiny speck on the Malaysian peninsula’s tip is an extraordinary country that packs a punch when it comes to modern living and cultural immersion. Singapore may seem quite minuscule, but the country offers an amazing collection of leisure and recreational experience. Brimming with thrilling theme parks, iconic landmarks, beautiful natural splendour, diverse ethnic neighbourhood, and an eclectic food scene, Singapore never gives a single dull moment to its guests. One of the main reasons for travellers to visit Singapore is its shopping scene. In fact, shopping and eating out are all-time favourite pastime of Singapore locals and visitors. Shopping in Singapore is amazingly diverse and one can find almost everything under the sun to purchase. However, this also makes visitors overwhelmed with the dilemma as to what to shop in Singapore and where to go for a good shopping experience. Here’s a short guide on what you can expect on a shopping trip to Singapore.

What is famous in Singapore and what to buy in Singapore?

Singapore is a vibrant hub of art and culture fused with an immaculate sense of modern living.  This mélange of elements reflects on its food and shopping scene tremendously. Being a global city, you can get anything and everything here – from high-end apparels, designer labels, and electronic products to street souvenirs and charming knick-knacks, there is a lot to explore on a Singapore shopping trip. Fashion apparels and accessories are usual things to shop in any country and Singapore too has an extensive collection of the same, be it branded labels or street fashion. Aside from clothing and accessories, here are some other things in demand for purchase on a shopping spree.

Perfume in Singapore


Singapore is famous for its perfume markets. Although you can find every luxury brand of international perfumes on sale here, the locally produced Singaporean perfumes are also quite popular among tourists. These have enchanting fragrances and are less expensive than international brands. Some of the best selections can be found at City Cosmetics and Fragrances located in City Plaza. Don’t forget to take home with you an Orchid perfume which has the sweet fragrance of Singapore’s national flower- the orchid.

Handmade merchandises

Singapore is known for its artistic flair and the combination of different cultures further enhances it. In Singapore, you can find a myriad of locally made handicrafts, collectibles, and artifacts which are hand made from scratch. You can find intricately carved wooden boxes, stone carvings, paper kites and umbrellas, calligraphy and hand-painted posters to name a few. You can find an amazing collection at The Attic along Scotts Road and Harper Road. Little India, China Town and Holland village are other places where you can get traditional and authentic handcrafted products.

Sim Lim Square In Singapore
Sim Lim Square In Singapore

Electronic Products

From laptops and cameras to power banks and pen drives, Singapore is a paradise for electronic lovers. The country has the best and latest stock of electronic products and offers them at really reasonable rates. Head to Sim Lim Square if you are looking for computer and camera related products. During your trip to Singapore, check whether your travel dates coincide with the It Show, PC Show, SITEX and COMEX shows where you can get electronic merchandises at slashed prices and discounts. Also, you get to participate in giveaways and can also avail free gifts on certain purchases.

Souvenirs in Singapore

Souvenirs and Keepsakes

Singapore offers an amazing assortment of memorabilia things to buy in Singapore for tourists to take back home to cherish their experiences in Singapore. Of course, the most purchased souvenir in Singapore is the mythical half lion, half fish creature called Merlion – Singapore’s iconic symbol, but there are many more unique ways to bring home a slice of Singapore.  The gold plated orchid jewelry for instances is real orchids that are coated in gold – a beautiful way to preserve Singapore’s beloved flower forever in your homes.  This is one of the best things to buy in Singapore that truly captures memories of your Singapore trip. Check out RISIS who are experts in making orchid jewelry since 1976 and browse a collection of orchid-inspired collectibles. Other fascinating keepsakes that are uniquely Singapore include traditionally made Singaporean toys, Singapore pressed pennies, Singlish dictionary and a bottle of Singapore Sling which you can buy from Raffles hotel or Changi airport.

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Best places to go shopping in Singapore?

Orchard Road in Singapore

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is perhaps the most popular stretch in Singapore that every Singapore tourist is familiar with. This 2.2km road is teeming with hoards of luxury shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants and café, famous luxury hotels, movie theatres, and other recreational areas. Even if you do not intend to go shopping, it is recommended to witness the vibrant bustle of Orchard Road at least once on your Singapore trip.

China Town in Singapore

China Town

As the name suggests, China Town is the place to visit if you are looking for Chinese antiques, silk items of clothing, Chinese herbs, medicines and of course foodstuffs. You can get a whole range of Chinese products at really cheap prices.

Mustafa Centre in Singapore

Mustafa Centre

Open 24 hours a day, Mustafa Centre is a one-stop shopping complex for budget-conscious shopaholics. Located at Little India, this shopping arena is one of the oldest and most popular shopping hubs in Singapore and sells more than 300000 products. It is particularly famous for electronic goods, jewelry, apparel collections, Indian spices and herbs and an amazing array of food plazas.

Bugis Street in singapore

Bugis Street

Termed as the largest street market in Singapore, Bugis Steet is one place where you can eat heartily and shop to your heart’s content without putting much stress on your wallet. Located at Little India, Bugis Street is one of the most happening places in Singapore, popular for being the cheapest place in Singapore to buy apparels, electronics, and souvenirs. Even if you have just SGD 15 in your hands, you can purchase a lot with a little bit of haggling at Bugis Street.

An added bonus to you Singapore Shopping trip would be to plan your holiday during the Great Singapore Sale held every year in Singapore where the best deals, huge discounts, and incredible bargains are applied overall shopping precincts.


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