Travel Trends in 2018

Top 18 Travel Trends in 2018

The world of travel has evolved significantly and is still evolving at a fast pace. 2018 brings several travel trends for which travel agents, tour companies and major travel destinations around the globe are getting ready.

So what are these travel trends? We’ve curated the top 18 trends for 2018 in our post to mark the rapid evolution in the travel industry.  Note that while many of these trends are already showing themselves, others are only just gearing up and we shall see them emerge in their fullness very soon. So why do you need to know what these interesting facts are? For one thing, you’ll know what to expect the next time you pack your bags. For another, knowing about travel trends can help you plan trips that will turn out to be better than any trip you’ve taken till now.

  1. Baby Boomer Travel

In 2018, the trend is for Baby Boomers (people of 55 + years) to go on four or five leisure trips, spending $6,400 per person on average for travel expenses, according to a survey conducted by AARP in 2017. For baby boomers, travelling abroad is all about getting rid of the ‘bucket list’ before they’re too old to travel.

2. Train-based tourism

Train trips are becoming popular as the nostalgia of the railways of old is hitting people in a big way. Recent movies such as the Murder on the Orient Express are further pushing this trend. Train-based tourism is catching up and travel destinations are doing their best to catch up.

3Adrenalin Junkie Vacations

Thrill-seeking while on travel has become very popular and is set to become even more popular in the year ahead. The tourism industry is catching up to provide more thrills at every destination, even if it’s Water theme parks, and in some destinations, all sorts of extreme vacation experiences.

4Eco-friendly Tourism

Sustainable or eco-friendly vacationing is fast catching up with people unwilling to drink out of plastic cups or unwilling to travel with tour providers don’t use solar power. Therefore traveling in a more sustainable manner is becoming more important for tour planners, travel agents and even hotels.

5. National Parks

Travel costs are going up steadily and people are looking at national parks around the world as the ideal family vacation. There’s plenty to see and do plus national parks provide a wonderful education opportunity for children. The cost of travel is definitely on the rise, which is why more and more people are looking to national park vacations than ever before.

6. Multi-Generational Vacations

The trend that’s upcoming is that families are planning multi-generational vacations in order to enjoy destinations as a family. So it is becoming increasingly common to see parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles teeming up to create joint travel groups.

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7Showers And Not Baths

The modern traveller is all about quick showers and on to the next activity or attraction, without wasting any time whatsoever. Hotels that have no showers but have installed huge bathrooms are having to rethink their approach. Many hotels are installing high-tech showers and getting rid of decadent marble baths.

8Glamping Vacations

While camping in the great outdoors is still a major interest, people are wanting more out of their camp environment. So it’s no longer camping, but ‘glamping’, which is glamorous camping. People are looking for the comforts of home in camps at desert safaris, jungles and mountains, and tour planners are catching up on this.

9. Babysitting Trend

Hotels, airlines, and tour planners are getting the point that when families travel, they need someone to mind the kids when the elders are otherwise occupied. So we have ‘sky nannies’ in airlines coming up in 2018 and beyond, plus tour planners and hotels are catching up on the fact that providing babysitting is the way to draw families in.

10. Popularity of Art Retreats

More and more people are looking at art escapes as a way to clear their minds and refresh their sensibilities, as in the days of old. This is the reason why art retreats are becoming more popular among travellers. Art museums, galleries, studios and exhibitions need to gear up and be ready for this trend.

11. Expensive Cruises

The cruise industry is buzzing with action. They’ve realized that more and more people are taking cruises, and that too, big budget ones as an annual treat. So cruise ships are getting outfitted with luxurious amenities one thought of as decadent on board a ship.

12. Medical Tourism

Cheap plastic surgery, anyone? Medical tourism is gaining popularity, especially to exotic locales such as Thailand and Singapore, where first-rated medical care is possible for less.

13. Culinary Tours

Tours and vacations organized around culinary experiences are becoming very popular, as people are very particular about what they eat and what goes into their bodies.

14. Volunteer Tourism

More people are realizing that they want to give back to this world, and that’s why volunteer tourism is rising. It’s a vacation, while working as a volunteer for some noble cause – two birds in one shot.

15. Spa Vacation

Spas and wellness retreats are offering people wellness packages guaranteed to help them lose weight, look younger and become more fit. They’re putting together holistic programs that work from the inside to the outside, via yoga, exercise, spa treatments and more.

16. River Cruises

2018 looks to be one of the biggest years for river cruises, especially in European countries. Travel organizations are waking up to this fact and are putting together various river cruise packages, adding on other activities and attractions to make the cruises more wholesome for the money spent.

17. Work-travel trend

Millennials are keen on the extended travel, which is work and leisure combined together while traveling. They plan on traveling during paid time off after their work obligations are over on the trip.

18. Traveling With A Local

Touring with a local in the international travel arena is an increasingly appealing prospect, as it is easier to get to experience local life via the eyes of a local.


We can look forward to several more travel trends to come up during the year ahead, but for now, these are the most noteworthy ones. It is recommended that hotels, tour planners, operators, travel agents and airlines make note of these trends and prepare accordingly for 2018’s evolved travelers.

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