Top 9 Interesting Facts About Singapore The World Should Know

Singapore is a name that comes to every second person’s mind when it comes to tourism. Singapore has always been among the top places to be visited by travelers. But today we are going to explore Top 9 Interesting Facts About Singapore.



While we talk about nightlife we all love it. “Night Zoo” sounds odd but in Singapore, it’s one of the best tours. Fasten your seatbelts to be a nocturnal animal for a day when you make your next trip to Singapore. Opened in 1994 Night Zoo was first of its kind. Night Safari Park is dedicated to all creatures of the night. It will be a great experience to see more than 2500 species among which 130 are of the same region. The zoo is spread over an area of 35 hectares of dense rainforest.


Formula One Night Race Image

Here is something very exciting for the people who love F1 racing. Singapore First F1 Night Race was held in 2008 and since then it is being held every year. It is also the only street race in Asian Grand Prix history. There are plenty of changes made since 2008 to provide an added advantage for the people coming here, such as race simulators underneath the Bay Grandstand in Zone 3, a Pit Stop Challenge where fans can try changing the tiers of a replica F1 car.


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Image

Here is something that visitor may admire in Singapore that is Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. A huge rainforest spread over an area of 163 hectares of land. Visitors coming here would get happily dazzled to see richest and most diverse ecological systems. The reserve has a wide verity of plants, animals, and insects. You may be able to witness 840 different spices of plants and 500 species of animals. You can come here for hiking, mountain biking, and family yoga. The word Bukit Timah comes from one of the hills in the reserve.


Jurong Bird Park Waterfall Image

Singapore is the place where you will find the first man-made waterfall in Jurong Bird Park. The fall was built in the year 1971. It is 30 ft high waterfall. It consumes water of 140 liters per second. The water is re-circulated via the help of motors to help prevention of loss of water. It creates a perfect environment in the aviary for water birds, plants, fishes, and insects. It is the second largest artificial waterfall made in the world though after some renovation going on presently it will become the largest one to be viewed.


Singapore Food Image

One of the common facts that we believe is that the dirtiest the hawkers are the tastier their food. Well, when it comes to Singapore this is something that they do not agree on with anyone on the planet. The government out there had made sure that the food-stuff that locals or the visitors might be eating does not harm anyone after consuming the food. Every single stall right from small hawker to a five-star restaurant you could be rest assured that they might have gone through the quality check. So if you are a foodie you don’t have to worry while eating and If you are into world-class cuisine pay a visit to Restaurants in Marina bay sands.


Botanical Garden Singapore Image

Singapore Botanic Garden is 160 years old garden located at Singapore, Orchard Road shopping district. It is the only tropical garden and among the three gardens to be given UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden has played a pivotal role in the boom of rubber trade. In the early twentieth century first, scientific director H.N. Ridley researched into this plant cultivation. It is the house of the largest orchid collection. It has a collection of 1,200 species and 2,000 hybrids.


National Art Gallery Singapore Image

National Art Gallery Singapore is located at Downtown Core of Singapore. Spread over 64000 sq meters it is the largest art venue in Singapore. It was opened in November 2015. It has the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asia artifacts. It showcases more than 8000 pieces. The gallery represents important paintings and artwork by leading Singaporean artists who include Georgette Chen, Chen Chong Swee, Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng and Liu Kang. These collections also include Indonesian, Vietnams, Colombia, and Thailand artifacts.


East Coastal Park Image

It is time to have some fun under the sun. A 15-kilometer long stretch beach has every single thing that you would like to have while you would like to make a visit to a beach front. The 185 hectare East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore. Visitors coming to Singapore can have fun with their family & friends at East Coastal Park. They can go out there to enjoy beach sports, picnic, barbeque, cycling, and camping etc. The Park invites you to have a day out while your visit.


Singaporean Culture Image

Last but seriously not the least, Singapore’s Culture provides charisma to the Country. A nation that has different cultures embedded in the roots of its development. Immigrants from India, China, Malay came here for better life prospects. Though they have come here for livelihood traditional aspect has remained there as the time has passed by. As the time has passed by with new generation pop culture, night-life, different festivals celebrated around the calendar, art week etc. have made Singapore a place to be visited.

Singapore is a like a plate full of different variants of food, in which there is something for everyone.  Singapore is enriched with culture, history, tradition, sea, temples, etc. So without any more delay let us find the elements of Singapore .

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