Top Five things to see on a Jurong Bird Park Tour

The Jurong Bird Park holds a uniquely distinct position in the Wildlife Reserves collection in Singapore. The Jurong Bird Park Singapore is spread over 20 hectares and placed on the southwestern hillside region of Singapore. It features a broad & rich collection of birds from different corners of the world. It is on record the most abundant bird park in the world with over 8,000 resident birds from over 600+ species.

The collection has at times mesmerized by the beauty and diversity of this place. Dr. Goh Keng Swee, the former Finance Minister of Singapore, had no idea that this park would be one of the famous tourist attractions welcoming close to 0.9 million visitors each year when he initiated this concept in 1971. Although there are endless indulgences in the Singapore Jurong Bird Park, we bring you the top five things to see during the Jurong Bird Park Tour. There may be several other indulgences, but it is not practical to list all the hotspots in just one article.

1.The Penguin Coast

Penguine Coast Jurong Bird Park Image

A ship-shaped building features four resident species of penguins in an air-conditioned environment that resembles their natural habitat. The four species are the King Penguin, the Macaroni, the Humboldt, and the spiky-haired Rockhopper. Some of the other highlights of the park include the Heliconia Repository that features blooming Heliconia tropical flowers. You will also find a content looking puffins nest on the rocky cliffs. There are feeding sessions conducted at the Penguin Coast from 10:30 am in the morning to afternoon at 3:30 pm.

2.Asia Aviary Wings

Asia Aviary Wings Jurong Bird Park Image

Open to the public in January 2015, this gigantic aviary houses a rich collection of birds imported from Asia. The birds are either kept in enclosures or free-ranging. If you are lucky, you can spot several endangered species like the Luzon Bleeding-Heart Dove and the Bali Mynah. The common featuring species include ducks and other birds exploring every corner of this landscaped free-flight aviary. 

  1. Birdz of Play

Birdz Of Play Jurong Bird Park Image

A bird-themed area and the Bird Discovery Centre showcases several exciting displays providing profound insights about the avian world. A huge hit among the young kids, both local and tourists alike. The primary reason being the colorful, vibrant playground where the kids can engage themselves. The area also features a wet play area along with a play structure with a shallow pool where the kids can cool off their heels after splashing and playing with water beneath the structure. There is a dry area for the not so water babies where a 6-seater swing and an obstacle course helps you experience the peace and tranquillity of Mother Nature. With a nearby café offering refreshments and quick bites, it completes your family experience.

  1. Lory Loft

Lory Loft Jurong Park Singapore Image

We can say that this walk-in-aviary was integral to the development of the Jurong Bird Park Singapore in the late 1960s. This inspired development is today one of the tourist hotspots in the Park. The Lory Loft is one of the largest of its kind and provides a free environment to 1,000+ free-flying captivating lories that will instantly capture your attention. Perched on top of the hill, the Lory Loft features a gigantic aviary with bright colored arboreal and vibrant parrots showcasing their flying skills freely around you. You can feed these parrots by purchasing a cup of sweet nectar. Don’t be surprised if you surrounded by squawking parrots with the nectar in your hand. The multi-leveled 14-meter high aviary being an inspirational structure gives a fascinating feeling while exploring every corner of this area. Do check out the suspension bridge connecting the top spots.

  1. World of Darkness

Common Barn Owl Jurong Park Image

Among the calm and serene environment lies a mysterious realm of night flight at the exciting World of Darkness. The sentient owls book the corners with their plumage camouflaging with the surrounding environment. You may be in a blind spot for a while as your eyes get adjusted to the low lighting environment. The dark enclosures further enhance the thrill factor in visiting this area. The Boobook Owl, Common Barn Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl, and the Snowy Owl are some of the common owls you will find in this area. The Boobook Owl has even featured in the famous Harry Potter movie.

Other entertaining Jurong Bird Live Shows that should not be missed are the Lunch with Parrots, Birds n Buddies Show, and the King of the Skies.

Jurong Bird Park timings

The Jurong Bird Park Singapore is open daily from 8:30 am in the morning till 6 pm in the evening.

Jurong Bird Park tickets

There is no entry fee associated with kids below three years old. The admission fee for adults is S$ 18 per person. For children in the age group of 3-12 years, the tickets are available for S$ 12 per kid. For the Park Hopper Pass, the admission fee for  Jurong Bird park ticket price is S$ 45 per adult and S$ 28 per kid.

The activities mentioned above are not listed in the order of significance. The Jurong Bird Park Singapore is one of the best tourist places to hang out with your family in Singapore. It offers an excellent opportunity to indulge in some bird-watching in the lap of Mother Nature. One of the places that you should definitely not miss out during your holiday in Singapore. Come and experience the fascinating Jurong Bird Park Shows during your Jurong Bird Park Tour.

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