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Singapore Day Tours promises fun, entertainment and lots of adventure. We have ensured all the crucial locations and attractions of the city are covered in our packages. Singapore city tour is one of the most popular tours. This includes a tour of the major attractions of the city including Marina Bay Park, Clarke Quay, Gardens by the Bay, etc. Some of the packages also include a ride on the Singapore Flyer, which would give you a beautiful view of the entire city while you soar up in the sky.

While the city of Singapore is magnificent, it is not just about the tall buildings and steely structures. On the other hand, there are several nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries in this city-state. Our tour packages include the tour to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Night Safari Park, Singapore Zoo, River Safari, etc. These places are beautifully built and are home to several species of animals and birds.

Another major attraction of Singapore is its Sentosa Island. Solely built for the purpose of providing entertainment, this island has everything that you would wish for a fun holiday: resorts, beaches, water parks, adventure parks, theme parks, entertainment shows, etc. The Universal Studios in Sentosa is a movie-theme park and is quite popular amongst tourists, locals and expats.

All the packages are designed carefully to provide you with the best of Singapore. You can choose amongst them as per your travel interests and budget. The tour packages also include travel arrangements.

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About Singapore

Singapore is the ultimate when it comes to finding unique and intriguing things to do. You don’t have to look far, either – they are all around you when you’re on a tour to Singapore! Go beyond the usual Singapore sightseeing tours. Look up unique things to do. This is the city you head to if you want to slurp authentic fish head curry, one of the best attractions in Singapore. Punch your fork in and try not to stare at the fish, coz it’s sure as hell staring at you. Relish the fish head, stewed with veggies and pineapples in deliciously-sinful coconut milk gravy. Don’t forget to eat that eyeball though!
Ride a bike along the lovely little nature trails of Pulau Ubin’s lush rainforest. Check out the incredible wildlife and the truly rare plants. Kayak around the mangroves and breathe in the ancient smell of healthful decay.
When you get the chance, do come upon the only Hindu temple in the heart of Chinatown. Here’s how it goes. You’re strolling amongst stalls selling Chinese silks, tea, engravings and so on. Suddenly, amongst all that and Chinese people is a real-to-goodness Hindu temple. Incongruous? No. It’s a true symbol of Singapore’s diversity and multiculturalism.
One evening, do head to the Chinese Gardens which houses the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum plus about 800+ live turtles and tortoises! The Chinese revere turtles for their longevity. They eat them too. No, don’t ask how or why. You can learn more about turtles at the museum and even participate in turtle conservation projects. Want to check out Singapore’s savory past? Make your way to the historic Red Light area in Sago Street when you visit Singapore. There were no less than 14 notorious brothels along this road at one time. Check out the narrow streets and iconic shophouses; there were opium dealer dens and gambling dens here. Singapore is not too sanitized; it is cool, and a tour of Singapore’s battle-rich and slightly sordid past is one of the fun things to do in Singapore.